About Expat Medical Group

About Expat Global Medical

“Since 1992, we have been insuring people all over the globe!”
Originating in Miami, Florida, www.ExpatGlobalMedical.com began offering the highest quality life insurance carriers like Mass Mutual, Transamerica, John Hancock, CNA, and Manuel Life to citizens and residents of Mexico, Central, and Latin American countries as well as some quality Medical Carriers like Lloyds of London.

Today, ExpatGlobalMedical.com has seen the explosive need for QUALITY international medical care for expatriates, local nationals, and corporate executives. Today, ExpatGlobalMedical.com is a company that doesn’t just sell a policy or product. We CREATE SOLUTIONS and IMPLEMENT STRATEGIES to protect all clients who are healthy with no preexisting medical issues to those who have trouble obtaining quality medical care.
Some of the medical companies we represent include Lloyds of London, CIGNA Global, United Healthcare Global, and several more. We are a company that listens to our clients, and WE DELIVER RESULTS!
In the past several years, we noticed a transition to automation. We wanted to create an international global medical site that allows expats from all over the globe to enjoy the opportunity to acquire insurance policies from A-Rated (Excellent) quality companies, with excellent benefits at competitive prices, all in the time it would take you to brush your teeth!
We have created and designed this website with our new and current expatriate clients in mind. We know how busy and time-starved many people are today throughout the world. You want to get your information fast, get ACCURATE information and a quote IMMEDIATELY, and have the ammunition to make an intelligent purchasing decision.
We believe we have done this with EXPATGLOBALMEDICAL.COM!